Welcome to WAM Europe

If you are looking for a solution to your excess or discontinued inventory, look no further. WAM are Europe’s No.1 in the remarketing of surplus and end-of-life consumer tech products.

WAM has the experience, financial resources, infrastructure and the capability to minimise losses caused by distressed inventory and we already work with many leading retailers, manufacturers and OEMs.

WAM also offer a comprehensive end-to-end recovery service for your returned inventory, providing a complete solution that can significantly reduce the losses associated with this type of stock.

Returns of consumer electronics and computer products can account for up to 20% of losses with high volume retailers and manufacturers. Yet many spend little time finding ways to mitigate these losses, relying on 'jobbers' to take returned goods away for a fraction of their value.

We’re already working with many brand leaders, and we’d like to work with you. So talk to us today, and let us make sure your returns give you a real return for your business.


  1. Email us a list
  2. We will make you an immediate offer
  3. We will collect goods within 24 hours
  4. Clean up complete - Job done!

Looking to buy surplus or refurbished consumer electronics in the UK and throughout Europe?